Organizing Committee

Meet the Team

The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition is not only the largest international undergraduate competition in the world, but it is also entirely student run. This group of students oversee the entirety of the competition, from cases, to events, to hand picking the teams. These students work tirelessly around the clock for close to 300 days to make it all happen and continue to make JMUCC one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.


Always on the lookout for ambitious projects, Solène has a passion for event planning and loves activities that appeal to her sense of creativity. Inspired by the world around her, she is driven by the newest trends and hopes to drive her team right up to the top!

Solène Tanguay


In her last year of accountancy, Julia is extremely excited to be apart of the JMUCC team for a second time. She has a serious case of wanderlust and has an obsession for anything Disney.

Julia Lafrenière

VP Logistics
David White-min

David is in his second year of studies, doing a double major in finance and accounting. When he's not hitting the books (of course), he's keeping himself busy by playing sports and binge-watching on Netflix.

David White

VP Finance & Development
Elsa Rosales-min

A third-year Management student, Elsa is passionate about cultures around the world and can't wait to meet the next participants of JMUCC. With her outgoing personality, she loves to have good time and dance.

Elsa Rosales

VP External Affairs
Shana Labrecque-min

Former JMSB case competitor and Marketing major, Shana, is excited to be behind the scenes at this year’s edition of JMUCC. Fitness enthusiast and foodie, she is always in search of new experiences.

Shana Labrecque

VP Academics

Marketing major, Kim Chanel is excited to be back for a second year to bring more of her ambitious and creative ideas to JMUCC 2017. She is a world traveller, fashionista and graphic design aficionado.

Kim Chanel Vallée-Séguin

VP Marketing

Once Geneviève puts her mind and heart into something, she is simply unstoppable. Whether it is in business, sports, music or travelling, she is inspired by amazing people and is looking for experiences that will make her evolve as a person.

Geneviève Collette

VP Corporate Relations
Kevin Gemme-min

Majoring in Supply Chain Operation Management with a minor in Modern Chinese, Kevin is excited to bring his experience and enthusiasm to JMUCC 2017. Beyond his passion for sports, he also loves to connect and learn from people around him.

Kevin Gemme

VP Communications & Sponsorship
Melissa Ngo-min

Third year marketing student, Melissa is passionate about event planning. She also loves to be up to date with the newest gadgets and phone applications. She couldn't be more excited to be a part of the commitee after volunteering for JMUCC last year!

Melissa Ngo

VP Technology & Innovation

A first year finance student, Nathan is extremely excited to join the JMUCC team and can’t wait to get started on helping create an immaculate experience for those involved. He is always looking to meet new people and create purposeful meaning in life!

Nathan Leblanc

First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator