With some of the best business students in the world coming to Montreal for the competition, your company could have the opportunity to recruit world-class students to help grow your business.


At JMUCC, we don’t simply want a sponsorship: we want to commit to seeing a mutually beneficial strategic partnership.


With a solid schedule booked for 7 straight days, we offer more than pure exposure. We offer many opportunities for competitors, judges, and volunteers to interact with your brand in a personal setting that leaves an emotional, and lasting impact.

24 Cousulting Solutions0%

You can have the best and brightest in the world take an in-depth look at your business, the problems and opportunities you face, and get a strategic recommendation.

And then you could get 23 more.

3 Hour Case0%

A 3-hour case sponsorship will place your company in a privileged position of occupying an entire day of competition.

Each 3-hour case is assigned to one of the first three days of the week.

All twenty-four teams will be prepping for 3 hours in a closed environment without access to internet and prepare a comprehensive solution to the case .

24 Hour Case0%

The 24-hour case sponsorship provides your company with the exclusive distinction of being the only case in the final and deciding round of competition. All twenty-four teams will have an entire 24 hours to conduct external research with Internet access to prepare a thorough and extensive solution for the case at hand.

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