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Built on three pillars: passion, spirit and dynamism.

What is JMUCC?

The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition (JMUCC) is an annual, multi-round case competition, organized by a committee of students from the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University. The week-long event takes place in the heart of downtown Montreal, and challenges twenty-eight international teams from renowned business schools.


Demanding and dynamic cases mixed with unique social events inspired by the city itself make JMUCC a one-of-a-kind case competition that allows students to put their creative and analytical skills to the test. Throughout the week, each team will be required to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in the classroom towards solving live business cases. Their analysis will then be presented to a panel of respected judges and industry specialists who will carefully evaluate the presentations and determine one winning team.


Additionally, participating universities will have the opportunity to discover the vibrant city of Montreal through networking cocktails, activities, and dinners. Each evening of JMUCC allows students to explore a new area in the city, and an exclusive handbook given at the beginning of the week will offer a slew of unique Montreal events to experience.


By bringing together some of the brightest and most promising undergraduate business students, we hope to build long-lasting relationships between the future leaders of tomorrow!


The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition extends far beyond any ordinary competition: this weeklong event challenges students on multiple levels, ultimately leaving them with an experience that many have described as “life-changing”.


In essence, JMUCC brings together some of the most passionate, spirited, and dynamic business students from around the world, and it is these three principles that have influenced and raised the organization and everyone involved with it to this day.

If there is one word to describe JMUCC delegates, it’s passionate. Among all of the Undergraduate business students of the world, JMUCC seeks those who are fueled by an inner-fire, a drive and a desire to succeed, and who proudly represent their schools at one of the most prestigious international Undergraduate case competitions in the world.


At JMUCC, we thrive on the principle that greatness lies wherever passion exists, and that complete, unquestionable commitment and enthusiasm are what truly set the world in motion.


The JMUCC experience is characterized by more than what is done within the four walls of a classroom. Through the involvement of every delegate, every coach, and every volunteer, a strong sense of community and a worldwide network are formed. For them, coming to JMUCC means being open and ready to take on new challenges, to meet new people, and to be fully present in each and every moment.


In all, JMUCC strives to bring together the world’s future leaders, in an effort to demonstrate the value of hard work, of dedication, and above all else, of what can be achieved as a team.


The final pillar is dynamism. The word dynamic is defined as “a force that stimulates change or progress”: JMUCC is an immersive, interactive and international business event that allows each person to become that force. Our delegates are adept in their leadership skills, worldliness, and innovative thinking; as a response, the competition challenges them to be quick on their feet, and to put their real-world problem solving abilities to the test.


Just like the world we live in, where no business, problem, or situation remains constant, each delegate enters the world of JMUCC a certain way, and leaves one week later with a story and a new frame of mind.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Organizing Committee

Organizing Committee