Organizing Committee

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Meet The 2017 – 2018 OC

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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition is not only the largest international undergraduate competition in the world, but it is also entirely student-run. This group of students oversee the entirety of the competition. From cases, to events, to hand picking the teams, these students work fixer essaywriting tirelessly around the clock for close to 300 days to make it all happen and continue to make JMUCC one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

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In her last year of university, Kim Chanel is extremely excited to lead her team in making the 10th edition of the competition the best one yet! She spent the last two years unleashing her creativity as VP Marketing of JMUCC and is now more than ready to embrace her love of event planning by bringing innovative ideas and organizational excellence to the 2018 edition.


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A former JMSB case competitor and International Business major, Lauren is humbled to be tackling a new side of case competitions at this year's 10th anniversary of JMUCC. Once her mind is set on something, nothing can stop her.


VP Academic Affairs
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Elsa is more than excited to be back for her third edition of JMUCC, her second as part of the organizing committee. Studying in Supply Chain Operations Management, Elsa is passionate about cultures and can't wait to meet the next participants of JMUCC. With her outgoing personality, she loves to have good time and dance.


VP Logistics
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In her second year as a Marketing Major, Julia is extremely excited to challenge herself and to take part in the behind the scenes action at this years 10th Edition of JMUCC. She looks forward to connecting with business leaders and creating new strong relationships through JMUCC.


VP Corporate Relations
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Melissa is ecstatic to be back for a second year on the JMUCC organizing committee. As a Marketing student, Melissa is delighted to have the chance to leave her own mark on the JMUCC brand. She also is passionate about event planning and technology, and looks forward to this anniversary year of JMUCC.


VP Marketing
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Ece is a Marketing and International Business student that lives for new experiences and adventures. She dreams of discovering the little wonders of this world and believes that every person she meets teaches her something valuable about life. Last year, she completed a semester in the Netherlands where she realized her passion for travelling and human connections. Ece is also an avid fan of art and genres of music. If you want to be her friend, let her send you some of her favorite songs!


VP External Affairs
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Third time's the charm for David, as he joins the JMUCC organizing committee for a third straight time in as many years. Majoring in accountancy, David is passionate about academics and sports, and is fond of meeting new people who are bright-minded. David is intrigued by diversity, culture and making new friendships. It is with great pleasure that he looks forward to the 10th edition of JMUCC with a warm welcoming!


VP Finance & Development
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In his first year at JMSB majoring in Business Technology Management, Arnaud came all the way from France to share his enthusiasm in the organization of JMUCC. Hard worker and good dancer, he will do everything in his power to make this 10th edition memorable!


First-Year Representative & Judges Coordinator
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A Supply Chain Operations Management student at JMSB, Kevin couldn't resist the opportunity to be back for a second straight year aboard the JMUCC organizing committee. Passionate about business and the case competition world, he is determined to make sure that the 10th edition of JMUCC is as great as ever.


VP Public Relations & Sponsorship
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Recipient of the Volunteer of The Year award at JMUCC 2017, Calvin is excited to be back this year as a member of the organizing committee for the 10th iteration of the competition. A Business Technology Management student with a strong passion for technology, Calvin is looking forward to meet with volunteers and competitors at the 2018 edition of JMUCC.


VP Technology & Innovation
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