Organizing Committee 2018-2019

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Meet The 2018 – 2019 OC

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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition is not only the largest international undergraduate competition in the world, but it is also entirely student-run. This group of students oversee the entirety of the competition. From cases, to events, to hand picking the teams, these students work tirelessly around the clock for close to 300 days to make it all happen and continue to make JMUCC one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

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Fourth time's the charm for David, as this year will be his fourth and final year of being on the JMUCC Organizing Committee. Although bittersweet, David cannot be more excited to make this edition of JMUCC the best one yet for all the participants! It is with a warm welcoming that he invites the delegates and coaches to the 2019 edition of JMUCC!

David White

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A former JMSB case competitor, Asser is excited to be tackling the behind the scenes action at JMUCC’s 11th edition. A double major studying Pure Applied Mathematics & Economics, he loves juggling numbers, cases and innovative ideas.

Asser Fares

VP Academic Affairs
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Julia is back for her 3rd edition of JMUCC this year and she is ready to make it the best one yet. In her new role as VP Logistics, she will put forward her love for event planning by introducing new innovative ideas to bring the competition to the next level. By doing so, she hopes to bring all participants a week they will never forget while creating lifelong #jmuccships.
Dressed by Melanie Lyne

Julia Wheeler

VP Logistics
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In his second year at JMSB as an international student, Arnaud is beyond excited and proud to be back for a new edition of JMUCC.
Arnaud is a travel aficionado who’s always on the lookout for new disco dancefloors.
He cannot wait to share his endless enthusiasm with his team and the next participants of the competition!

Arnaud Lesur

VP Corporate Relations
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«Go Big, or Go Home» is this Marketing Major's motto. Being her first time getting involved, Tam (or Mimi, as we like to call her!), is excited to help welcome JMUCC into a new era! With a passion for all things creative and fun, she is determined to make the most out of our 2019 edition.
Dressed by Melanie Lyne

Mimi Nguyen

VP Marketing
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Coming from an international background, Patricia has been exposed to different cultures since a very young age. As a Marketing student in her final year, she looks forward to her third and last edition of JMUCC; first one as a member of the Organizing Committee. She cannot wait to welcome new and familiar faces to the beautiful city of Montreal and make this year's edition of the competition a memorable one.
Dressed by Melanie Lyne

Patricia Rabion

VP External Affairs
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In his second year studying finance at JMSB, Ivar is excited to return to JMUCC as part of the organizing committee after having volunteered at the competition last year. Passionate about sports, movies and business, he is looking forward to making the 11th edition of JMUCC the best one so far.

Ivar Skaar

VP Finance & Development
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His journey at JMSB nearing its end, Pascal was looking for a true challenge to test himself; he found it here, at the John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition. Now bearing the mantle of JMUCC's VP Technology and Innovation, and armed with his knowledge of technology, Pascal is eager to bring about winds of change and extend JMUCC's long-standing legacy of excellence.

Pascal Nguyen Tang

VP Technology & Innovation
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Justin Abrams Headshot

In his first year at JMSB, Justin is beyond excited to be a part of the organizing committee for the 11th edition of JMUCC. As a marketing major, Justin can’t wait to add his own personal touch to the role of PR and Sponsorship Coordinator and make this edition of JMUCC the best one yet.

Justin Abrams

PR & Sponsorship Coordinator
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Charles Roy Headshot

Charles is a first year JMSB student who wanted to get involved right from the get-go. After participating in his first case competition in 2017, he knew he wanted to take part in organizing one. Charles is thrilled to be this year's First Year Representative and he can't wait to meet all the participants!

Charles Roy

Judges Coordinator and First Year Representative
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