Organizing Committee 2020-2021

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Meet The 2020 – 2021 OC

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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition is not only the largest international undergraduate competition in the world, but it is also entirely student-run. This group of students oversee the entirety of the competition. From cases, to events, to hand picking the teams, these students work tirelessly around the clock for close to 300 days to make it all happen and continue to make JMUCC one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

Photo Credit: Xavier Legault – Voltaic Photography S.E.N.C

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Charles is thrilled to be back for his third year on the organizing committee and what a year it will be! Leading the team towards JMUCC’s first ever online edition will be a challenge, but he’s confident that the team will manage to pull off something spectacular. Born and raised in Montreal, Charles is currently completing his Finance undergraduate at John Molson School of Business and he hopes that his experience as president will be the perfect way to end his degree.

Charles Roy

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Matthieu is excited to be joining JMUCC in his fourth and final year at JMSB. After taking part in numerous international case competitions, Matthieu looks to leverage his case experience to continue JMUCC’s standing as one of the world’s best undergraduate competitions. Majoring in Finance, Matthieu always has a keen eye on the numbers. Outside of school, you can find him discovering new music and unsuccessfully experimenting with food in the kitchen.

Matthieu Fawcett

VP Academic Affairs
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Naomi’s previous experience as First Year Rep. & Judges Coordinator introduced her to the case competition world and all the amazing things that JMUCC has to offer. She is extremely excited to be back on the team as this year’s VP Logistics. Currently working towards an undergrad in Marketing, Naomi is passionate and motivated to bring the full JMUCC experience to life through innovative bonding and networking events. Despite this year’s challenges, Naomi and the rest of the team can assure you that JMUCC 2021 will be one to remember.

Naomi Kixmöller-Gosley

VP Logistics
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Jeremy is thrilled to continue his journey for the second year in a row as VP Corporate Relations at JMUCC. This new online experience offers new opportunities and ways to reshape networking and recruitment as we know it and he is beyond excited to share it directly with sponsors. As a third year student in Finance at JMSB and an interest in consulting, Jeremy is convinced that any challenge lying ahead is simply waiting for a unique solution.

Jeremy Abikhzir

VP Corporate Relations
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Patryk is thrilled to be joining this year’s online edition of JMUCC as our VP Marketing. After living the JMUCC experience as a volunteer, Patryk is determined to deliver an outstanding experience to our delegates. With a creative-driven mind, he aims to bring his twist on JMUCC through unique visuals and innovations. He literally cannot wait to meet you all and build strong #JMUCCShips!

Patryk Bancerz

VP Marketing
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With a year of experience under her belt, Anne-Sophie is thrilled to be back as VP External Affairs! Her abilities will be put to the test by being the point of contact for the 28 schools participating in the first ever edition of JMUCC online. Completing her third year in Supply-Chain Management, she’s thrilled to bring her knowledge to the team and make this year a great one!

Anne-Sophie Masse

VP External Affairs
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As a third-year Finance student, Faith is extremely excited to be joining the case competition world as JMUCC’s VP Finance and Development. After volunteering last year, Faith is dedicated to working on bringing JMUCC’s first online edition to life and creating a brand new online volunteering program.

Faith Choi

VP Finance & Development
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Devam is eager to be a part of the JMUCC organizing committee throughout his last semester at JMSB. After competing in regional case competitions for the past 2 years and volunteering at JMUCC in 2020, he knew he couldn’t leave JMSB without being a part of the amazing OC. In his new role as VP Technology & Innovation, he looks forward to the complete virtualization of the competition for its exciting 13th edition! Beyond his Business Technology Management studies in the classroom, you can find Devam listening to music, indulging in coffee or smelling a new fragrance.

Devam Hirpara

VP Technology & Innovation
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Vanessa is back for a second year of the JMUCC organizing committee! This year, she’s putting her knowledge and experience to the challenge as our very own VP PR & Sponsorship. Being the brains behind all the communications aspect of the competition is no easy task, but she’s confident that she will use her experience to rise to the occasion.

Vanessa Dionne

VP PR & Sponsorship
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Ryan is thrilled to be joining the team as the 2021 First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator! Currently enrolled in his first year of studies in Finance, Ryan is thrilled to be adding to his university experience by joining the OC. His drive, his passion, and his interest in case competitions pushed him to apply and the team is confident that he'll be a great addition and great asset to the 2021 competition. He's eager to get to work and start building #JMUCCShips!

Ryan Stephan

First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator
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