Organizing Committee 2021-2022

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Meet The 2021 – 2022 OC

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The John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition is not only the largest international undergraduate competition in the world, but it is also entirely student-run. This group of students oversee the entirety of the competition. From cases, to events, to hand picking the teams, these students work tirelessly around the clock for close to 300 days to make it all happen and continue to make JMUCC one of the most prestigious competitions in the world.

Photo Credit: Patryk Bancerz

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After two years in the Organizing Committee, Jeremy is excited to continue his journey for a third year as President. Leading a team of passionate, spirited and dynamic individuals for JMUCC’s return in-person, Jeremy could not be better surrounded and is thrilled to share it with every stakeholder. If there is one thing Jeremy learnt while at JMSB and JMUCC is that every challenge lying ahead is simply waiting for a unique solution, and this year’s Organizing Committee is ready for it!

Jeremy Abikhzir

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After being a brand ambassador (BA), Robert wanted to further contribute to our three pillars and raise the organization. His respect for JMUCC’s demanding and dynamic cases mixed with unique social events inspires him to continue our legacy. Leveraging his case experience with his curiosity, he accepted the challenge of being VP of Academics and committed to present unique cases. As a finance and economics major, he is conversant to exploring possibilities, given constraints. Rob, as his colleagues call him, is looking forward to seeing students’ distinctive approaches to the issues they will be confronted with through this year's edition.

Robert Williams

VP Academic Affairs
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Back for her third year, Naomi is thrilled to take on the role of Executive Vice President and VP Logistics on this year’s Organizing Committee. As the competition transitions to its first in-person edition since the pandemic, Naomi’s top priority is to deliver best-in-class social and networking events while ensuring the safety of all participants. She can’t wait to meet you all in the beautiful city of Montreal and make plenty of #JMUCCships during the most transformative edition to date!

Naomi Kixmöller-Gosley

Executive Vice President | VP Logistics
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Happy to be back for his second year at JMUCC, Ryan transitioned from First-Year Representative and Judges Coordinator to VP Corporate Relations. Currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Finance, Ryan quickly realized the importance of getting involved and networking and is looking forward to meeting new people and sponsors at the various events. He is thrilled to finally experience an in-person edition of JMUCC and is up for the challenge him and his team are facing!

Ryan Stephan

VP Corporate Relations
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Patryk is back for a second year with JMUCC’s organizing committee. After committing a year as a VP Marketing in the past edition of JMUCC, Patryk is determined to make this 2022 edition one that will be remembered by all. As VP Technology & Innovation, he will be there to support all of our competitors IT whilst innovating this first back in-person edition of JMUCC!

Patryk Bancerz

VP Technology & Innovation
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Always seeking for new challenges and creating friendships, Terry believed that JMUCC would be the perfect place for him. As a brand ambassador for JMUCC 2021, Terry had the opportunity to work alongside 4 prestigious universities and fell in love with the JMUCC spirit. As VP External Affairs, Terry will be working closely with the 28 chosen schools who will compete in the next JMUCC edition. Proud to be part of the JMUCC family, he will do everything in his ability to ensure a safe and smooth JMUCC in-person return.

Terry Zhou

VP External Affairs
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Faith is thrilled to be back for her second year on the JMUCC organizing committee as the VP Finance and Development. She is looking forward to bringing the 14th JMUCC edition back in-person alongside her fellow teammates. Cheers to building long lasting #JMUCCShips!

Faith Choi

VP Finance & Development
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As someone who’s always valued student involvement, Dahlia decided to take her marketing skills to the next level by becoming JMUCC’s VP Marketing. New to the team, she’s eager to further drive both online and in-person initiatives via meaningful campaigns, content creation, and social events. In her third year of university, Dahlia is more than ever determined to learn new skills and use them to face any challenge coming her way. Luckily, she also has the support of an amazing group of people that will forever support her in her JMUCC endeavors.

Dahlia Matz

VP Marketing
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Starting at JMUCC for the first year, Ciaran is excited to work with everyone on the team to make this the best JMUCC yet. Working as the VP of PR & Branding, he operates the social media for JMUCC and is responsible for the JMUCC merchandise as well. Having started at JMSB completely online, he is looking forward to JMUCC’s return to an in-person format and meeting everyone!

Ciaran Ryan

VP PR & Sponsorship
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Marina is excited to be a part of the wholesome JMUCC family! With an incline towards case competitions, our First-Year representative will be of big importance for our first ever back in-person edition! Throughout the competition, she will make sure to onboard only the best of judges from the industry to provide insights at what our delegates have to offer!

Marina Bertilotti Barreto

First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator
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