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Are you in your first year at JMSB? Do you want to get involved in the making of one of the most prestigious undergraduate case competitions in the world? Are you motivated to bring your university experience to another level?


JMUCC is looking for someone just like YOU to join its passionate, spirited and dynamic team!

Tasks of JMUCC’s First Year Rep

Every year, JMUCC’s First Year Representative plays one of the most vital roles in the organizing of the competition. On top of being available to first year students at JMSB and getting them involved with the competition, JMUCC’s First Year Representative also plays the role of Judges Coordinator.


That’s right! – As JMUCC’s First Year Representative, you are in charge of appointing esteemed members of the vibrant Montreal business community and building the panel of judges that will be judging during the entire week of JMUCC! This unique opportunity allows you to start making connections and building your network with influential members of the Montreal business community and will help you learn more about the competition for years to come.



  • Joining a passionate team of organizers
  • Meeting and interacting with renown business executives
  • Making connections with students from JMSB and internationally
  • Play a vital role in the making of the 15th edition of JMUCC
  • Creating memories that will last a life-time

Skills Required


  • Be well-organized 
  • Self-driven and passionate about business and case competitions
  • Have strong written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Ability to adapt to various situations

Hear more from former JMUCC First Year Representatives and see how they reflect on their experience

“Being a part of JMUCC’s organizing committee as a First Year Representative and Judges Coordinator was undoubtedly the highlight of my first year at JMSB.

It enhanced my university experience and allowed me to acquire new business skills as well as to learn extensively about case competitions and the logistics of organizing such a major event as the largest undergraduate case competition in the world! Moreover, it was an excellent opportunity to network, create new connections, and ultimately make long-lasting friendships alongside amazing people!

Marina Bertilotti Barreto

First Year Representative for #JMUCC22

Co-President #JMUCC23

JMUCC’s First Year Representative and Judges Coordinator position offered me the opportunity to enhance my first year experience all while making use of the business material that I was concurrently learning.

Even without prior experience or knowledge of case competitions, I was able to foster new life skills and make many new connections that will stick with me for a lifetime.”

Ryan Stephan

First Year Representative for #JMUCC21

VP Corporate Relations #JMUCC22

“When I moved across the country to go to JMSB, student involvement was definitely a step out of my comfort zone. Being part of the JMUCC OC as First Year Representative & Judges Coordinator challenged me far beyond my in-class academics and allowed me to grow both professionally and personally.

Most importantly, I got to meet amazing, brilliant, and like-minded students that I’m so happy to call my friends. I encourage any first year students to apply! I can guarantee that it’ll be an experience you won’t regret it.”

Naomi Kixmöller-Gosley

First Year Representative for #JMUCC20

VP Logistics #JMUCC21

EVP & VP Logistics #JMUCC22


“JMUCC’s First Year Representative and Judges Coordinator position is an incredibly unique and enriching opportunity!

Being part of an executive team has enhanced my first-year experience at JMSB and has afforded me the opportunity to learn practical business skills which have complemented the in-class university curriculum.

JMUCC fosters close international friendships and a shared sense of community.

Charles Roy

First Year Representative for #JMUCC19

VP Logistics for #JMUCC20

President #JMUCC21

“Being part of the JMUCC Organizing Committee as a First Year Representative and Judges Coordinator enabled me to grow on a personal scale while working in a company-like environment.

It is extremely rewarding and challenging to work behind the scene of an internationally influential case competition.

I got to connect with many important business professionals and make friends with such amazing individuals from the buzzing JMSB community!”

Arnaud Lesur

First Year Representative for #JMUCC18

VP Corporate Relations for #JMUCC19

“My experience as First Year Representative and Judges Coordinator has taught me the value and importance of case competitions in the business world. At JMUCC, networking with current and future business leaders has given me the privilege to meet a diverse number of professionals from all around the globe! As the Judges Coordinator, being responsible for selecting and coordinating with judges is a rewarding opportunity to make new contacts and grow your network.

If you are interested in getting involved with case competitions and you like the idea of organizing one of the largest case competitions in the world, this is the perfect opportunity for you to join our team!”

David White

First Year Representative for #JMUCC16

VP Finance & Development for #JMUCC17 and #JMUCC18

President for #JMUCC19

#JMUCC2023 First Year Representative could be you!

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