Volunteer for the 14th Edition of JMUCC!

Are you are looking to make new relationships with not only fellow JMSB students, but also with students from all corners of the world? Are you looking to get involved in a world-renowned case competition? 


Volunteering at JMUCC is truly a one-of-a-kind experience

Discover the various roles available for JMUCC 2022!

Team Ambassador

Full-time – 28 to be selected

Do you have a very sociable and outgoing personality?


Then the role of Team Ambassador might be just for you! As a Team Ambassador, you are in charge of hosting one of the 28 delegations during the competition and showing them around our beautiful city of Montreal during the week of the competition.


This is an unbelievable opportunity to meet new students from all-over the world and create unforgettable bonds that will last you a lifetime.


Full-time – 7 to be selected

Runners are simply indispensable to ensure the efficiency of the competition.


The runners are in charge of assisting the organizing committee and making sure that every single logistical detail is well and taken care of.


You will get to see the competition through a unique perspective. If you are a meticulously organized individual, then this role is hand-made for you!

Presentation Room Coordinator

Full-time – 7 to be selected

Are you organized individual that is also comfortable in high-pressure situations?


Then you might be the perfect fit for the role of Presentation Room Coordinator. As a PRC, you are in charge of one presentation room and making sure that the rules of the competition are being applied during the presentations.


For the first time ever, PRCs will be a full-time role, meaning that they will be present at all the activities and events that are happening during the week of JMUCC!


Full-time – 2 to be selected

Tech-Volunteers are responsible for the management of all the tech equipment to ensure that they work perfectly during the competition.


You will also be working closely with the VP Technology and Innovation on the livestream to ensure people from all-over the world get to watch the competitors present at JMUCC.


If you have a passion for technology, this is a great opportunity for you to get involved with JMUCC.

General Volunteers

Part-time – 8 to be selected

If you are not available for the entire week of JMUCC, then perhaps being a General Volunteer will fit you better!


General Volunteers are part-time volunteers that help with various tasks during presentation days.


This is a great opportunity if you are slowly looking to get involved with JMUCC and want to see the competition from an organizers perspective.

#JMUCC2022 volunteers could be you!

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