An opportunity to meet great business minds, to build long-lasting relationships, to analyze and experience business problems hands-on, this is what JMUCC is all about.



#JMUCC17 Competitors from the National University of Singapore

“It’s a whirlwind of an experience – JMUCC challenged me to work under an immense pressure of time and to think out of the box as I applied my knowledge to actual problems faced by companies in the real world. Most importantly, I have met so many exceptional people from all-over the world and formed meaningful friendships that go beyond the competition. JMUCC was my first ever international case competition and one that I will never forget! I am thankful for this amazing opportunity and huge shout out to its incredible organizing committee.”

Janel Ong

2nd Place Finisher & Best Female Speaker at #JMUCC17

“JMUCC was an incredible experience that brought me to meeting 23 other international teams. I was able to apply my business knowledge in multiple industries with the challenging yet stimulating cases. Kudos to the committee who made the competition well-run and well-executed!”

Nicholas Chan

2nd Place Finisher at #JMUCC17

#JMUCC17 Competitors from The University of Münster

“JMUCC was a thousand lessons learned in a week full of adventures and fun. It taught me that you will always win as you grow and learn so much with any challenge or case. I saw how passion can push a person or a team beyond any limit you can imagine. This also highly relates to the organizing committee. Their accomplishment, to let all of us feel heart-broken to leave, inspired me a lot. JMUCC will always be one of the highlights of my years at university and if I could, I would do it again. All the best for the 10th edition, can’t wait to follow you through next year’s competition. “

Isabel Kreie

Recipient of the Groupe Dynamite Spirit award at #JMUCC17

“JMUCC has it all! – It pushed me to intellectual and physical limits. With each case I felt a continuous learning curve and an even better team dynamic. […] I had  fun & enjoyed every minute of it. One year later, I still feel truly thankful and inspired about my experience, and I cannot wait to host our own competition soon and continue to promote the great community of case competitions.”

Lara Von Petersdorff C

Recipient of the Groupe Dynamite Spirit award at #JMUCC17

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“JMUCC was a life-changing experience for me. Not only were the cases challenging and stimulating, but rediscovering my city, networking opportunities and unforgettable memories and friendships made JMUCC truly amazing. After the competition, I was recruited from one of the cases to be a consultant at IBM. This competition changed my life and it could change yours too!”

Stephanie Chabot

3rd Place Finisher at #JMUCC17

Concordia University

“JMUCC is the best international case competition in the undergraduate circuit! Extremely well organized, abundant student learning opportunities, incredible networking events, and experienced judges who know what case competitions are all about. Great job JMUCC. Keep it up.”

Ian P. L. Kwan

Case Program Coordinator & Coach

University of Navarra

“After 6 months of exhausting preparation and arrangements and over 50 hours of journey from my home, I got to vanish all my languishes within a moment on reaching JMUCC, the best cross-cultural gathering. I couldn’t imagine having so much to learn and enjoy in such a setting. All credit to the overwhelmingly welcoming and friendly people that made the best week of my life wither away too quickly! I wish I could join JMUCC once more!”

Muhammad Syfuddin Tamim

Recipient of the JMUCC Bursary at #JMUCC17

University of Dhaka

“JMUCC is an amazing competition. It brings together some of the top case teams in the world and challenges them to reach new heights in their case solving ability. Every year I am impressed by the caliber of the student performances, the quality of the cases and judges, the professionalism of the organizing team and the exciting atmosphere at the social events. JMUCC is one of a kind!”

Mary Withrow

Case Program Coordinator & Coach at #JMUCC16

University of Prince Edward Island

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